Yahoo Glue glues you

22 04 2008


Yahoo! has unveiled Glue Pages Beta on Yahoo! India Search; a new style of search result, similar to Google’s Universal Search system. he new pages replace the usual text list with a broad and visual selection of news articles, videos, images, Wikipedia entries and more along with the standard search results.

Yahoo Glue only works for certain categories of searches (sports, travel, entertainment, health, stocks, and tech), but it does produce a more satisfying experience than the traditional list of blue links. The only issue is that the results take a little bit longer to load. But humans are visual creatures and we respond better to the visual display of information. Yahoo Glue brings in results in three different panes, both from Yahoo and elsewhere. They can be images, videos, Wikipedia entries, HowStuffWorks entries, sports stats, and news, and results from other sources.

Search for the “IPL” and you get pictures and videos related to IPL,news,blogs, and a link to the Wikipedia entry. Search for “sachin” and you get his biography, his player statistics, pictures, blog search results and results from Yahoo Answers. The traditional link results are still available in the narrow left-hand column, but you almost ignore them.

It is expected that Yahoo! will roll out this feature across their other sites soon


Rain Forest

16 03 2008

I’m not talking about the rainforests in the Amazon or the Indonesia… But the restaurant at Adyar, Chennai… Located near the traffic signal, it’s opposite to the road leading to Tiruvanmiyur…
The surprises start right from the time you enter the restaurant premises… it doe not have the entrance like all the other restaurants… It has this sliding door built into the wall like a wall (Its like one of these secret doors in all these old movies where the wall slides off and you see steps leading to the basement) … you wouldn’t notice it until you see the watchman in front of it…
Once the door slides off… you enter into a dark cave like place at the basement…
taada… that’s the restaurant… the lighting is perfect….the restaurant has I guess five booths with tables ( this give the people eating a sense of privacy) … the whole restaurant is like a cave in the middle of a forest… On one end of the restaurant there is a water fall and a small pond like thing below it…. With bamboo tree on the sides… the sound of rain and thunder is played in the background, so it’s like you are in the rain forest… perfect setting…
Now to the food… it’s simply delicious… the quality of food they serve is worth more than what you end up paying… The service is also excellent…
So if you are in Chennai… Don’t miss this place… Excellent place to dine out…

Trip to Manipal

12 03 2008

My maiden trip to manipal.

It was never supposed to be a pleasure trip but it got to be one. I had gone to this wonderful place for my TAPMI interview (unfortunately didnt get through). For those who are unfamiliar with this place,Manipal lies in the lap of one of the mostbeautiful place in this world- “Western Ghats”. Its situated 65 kms north of Mangalore,the port town of Karnataka. Its situated just 3-5 kms from the District town of Udupi.

The “must visit” places in and around manipal are Endpoint,Malpe Beach and St.Mary’s Island and if your the religious kind theres the famous udipi temple for u.

Endpoint is at one end of manipal overlooking a stream. A beautiful river runs below the hilly area and the scenic views from the top are rally awesome.A park is also there.

Malpe beach is around 5-7kms from udipi.. u can take an auto or a bus to reach there…The endless stretch of golden sand, graciously swaying palm trees, the clear blue sky and the gurgle of the sea all set the perfect mood for an unforgettable day here. Malpe beach offers breathtaking views of the sea and the islands not far from it.

St.Mary’s Island is another delightful get away spot right across Malpe. The place is only a boat ride away. The only thing that irritated me was the waiting time. The ferry leaves only wen it has atleast 15-20 people. So had to wait for 1 hour(since it was monday.. not much of a crowd).. But it was worth the wait..It has a coconut garden, which makes it the shadiest isle of the group and gives it a true south sea color. It has these basalt rocks, which have crystallized into columns and split into hexagonal mosaic.

So next time you drop in at manipal or udipi dont forget to vist these places.
Pics below are of endpoint,malpe beach and st mary’s island

TOP Searches.

7 03 2008

Finding the top searched words or topics and then adding them to the meta tags of the pages is one of the ways to increase your site traffic… I’ve not done it… I’ve not done it… but I’ve heard people doing it … coming back to why I started this post… I was jus wondering what most people in the world are looking for… So I went through the following links to check out the most searched topics in each of these search engines…

Yahoo –

Google –

Lycos – –

Some of the most searched topics over the last month are Angelina Jolie, Mariah Carey, Obama, Paris Hilton, You tube, Britney Spears, Face Book, Eddie Murphy….

Once again its film industry that has beat all other fields… I guess gossip of their favourite stars gives these people entertainment… I really don’t understand why people admire reel heroes more than the real heroes in real life… But well that’s life… that’s reality… else it would be reel.

New Swift

1 03 2008

Maruthi Suzuki’s all new swift has arrived…. so whats new about it
what are the changes…lets take a look..

The new swift comes with new bumpers in the front and rear.
The front grill gets an ultra contemporary designer look and a new rear combination lamps
It also comes with new alloy wheels,finished with an all new wheel cap.
Now in the interiors,speedometer becomes even more stylish with all new chrome instrument cluster.
An all new fabric design has been given.It also features a new tilt steering and a new digital clock.
A new smooth,sleek integrated audio system with steering mounted controls has also been added
to the swift making it best in class.

India’s most loved car only becomes better … loaded with goodies..

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Luxuries become necessities

25 02 2008

Star Movies, ESPN, HBO……I don’t even remember when i last watched these pay channels…Its been a long while….With my college days over, I’m sitting at home, killing time and waiting for my date of joining… boredom was killing me… until i got the set top box… it got away with my boredom… 18 hrs a day i was in front of the idiot box … switching from one channel to the other…
I couldn’t imagine what people who sit at home all day would do without a TV… yeah I know there were times when there was no TV and crap… But it’s not the same… Once you enjoy something you’ll always want to have it… It’s like smoking… You get addicted… You will not be able to live without it… try it out… Try not using the mobile phone for a day… And you’ll understand…That’s how it is… technology invents something… at first it’s a luxury item…. Once people start using it … it becomes a necessity….and the companies laugh all the way to the bank… It’s all consumerism…. Ten years back a mobile phone or a car was a luxury… now it’s become a necessity… in a way I like it… because this necessity makes my dad buy me these goodies…. Hmmm… I’m still waiting for those days when the jet becomes a necessity  …. It’s not far away… with the vehicles on the road increasing everyday… that’ll be the only way to beat traffic.

Free Online GRE Test

22 02 2008

Sample GRE tests

Some of the websites which offers free sample tests are listed below..