Luxuries become necessities

25 02 2008

Star Movies, ESPN, HBO……I don’t even remember when i last watched these pay channels…Its been a long while….With my college days over, I’m sitting at home, killing time and waiting for my date of joining… boredom was killing me… until i got the set top box… it got away with my boredom… 18 hrs a day i was in front of the idiot box … switching from one channel to the other…
I couldn’t imagine what people who sit at home all day would do without a TV… yeah I know there were times when there was no TV and crap… But it’s not the same… Once you enjoy something you’ll always want to have it… It’s like smoking… You get addicted… You will not be able to live without it… try it out… Try not using the mobile phone for a day… And you’ll understand…That’s how it is… technology invents something… at first it’s a luxury item…. Once people start using it … it becomes a necessity….and the companies laugh all the way to the bank… It’s all consumerism…. Ten years back a mobile phone or a car was a luxury… now it’s become a necessity… in a way I like it… because this necessity makes my dad buy me these goodies…. Hmmm… I’m still waiting for those days when the jet becomes a necessity  …. It’s not far away… with the vehicles on the road increasing everyday… that’ll be the only way to beat traffic.


Free Online GRE Test

22 02 2008

Sample GRE tests

Some of the websites which offers free sample tests are listed below..

Tapmi GD/PI experience

14 02 2008

I had my gd/pi on 17th… reached TAPMI at 8.00. Got my panel no and room no from the computer kept the entrance of the admin block. Then had the presentation at 8.30 in the audi. My panel had 20 members.. our GD topic was “India’s unity in diversity is just a slogan”.. thank god it was not fish market.. only a few of them were shouting and annoying the group.. otherwise it went well…. then had the impromptu speech..
some of the topics in my panel were
favourite actor
favourite business icon
favourite travel story
is lalu a management guru..
i got “tears for other troubles dry quickly”

then they collected the copies of all the marksheets,catscore card,workex certi,reco letter.
the first few had the faculty interview in the morning and the rest in the afternoon… those who had their faculty interview in the morning had their directors interview on the same day.

for most of them it lasted for 15-20 mins… mine was short only 5-10 mins… i’m a fresher… so it was mostly technical…..they asked me about my favourite subject.. then kept questioning me on it.. some of the general questions were…why mba and not mech..
how did you like manipal..and some current affairs related questions.

I had the directors interview after lunch..
jus basic questions… why low cat score, why mba,what other calls..just before the Directors Interview was asked to write an essay on “where do you see yourself 5 years after an MBA”… and that ended my tapmi gd/pi.

Scrubs download

9 02 2008

Scrubs is an Emmy and Peabody Award-winning American comedy-drama that you can watch in star world every thursday at 9.30pm.

This comedy series is story of a set of medical interns who become friends while working in the hospital.. it revolves around their everyday experinces with the senir docs and with the junior interns..It really ends your dull day in a happy note.
Currently season seven is being telecast… where the interns have become doctors and two of the friends have married and have a baby..
In case your cursed by CAS.. and ont have a set top box.. dont worry..
i found this site where one can see all the episodes of scrubs online..

So enjoy.


Where do you see yourself 5 years after an MBA

4 02 2008

This is the typical question you would find during the MBA admissions.
Either you would be asked during the interview.. or asked to write a short essay or in the statement of purpose…

so how do you face it…First of all.. when facing any question during mba admissions be true, be honest and be realistic about what you write or speak…. they expect integrity..
so when yout writing a short essay,you can start by writing down why you want to do an mba, what are you going to with it and then think about the where do you see yourslf in the future…

think about your short term and long term goals.. and always be realistic… If you write “I will be a CEO of XYZ after 5 years”, you hav substantiate it with reasons and evidence.
Once you finish writing.. give it to your friends or family and ask them to correct it..
rewrite till your confident that it is good enough..after that your done..

so all the best