Where do you see yourself 5 years after an MBA

4 02 2008

This is the typical question you would find during the MBA admissions.
Either you would be asked during the interview.. or asked to write a short essay or in the statement of purpose…

so how do you face it…First of all.. when facing any question during mba admissions be true, be honest and be realistic about what you write or speak…. they expect integrity..
so when yout writing a short essay,you can start by writing down why you want to do an mba, what are you going to with it and then think about the future..ie where do you see yourslf in the future…

think about your short term and long term goals.. and always be realistic… If you write “I will be a CEO of XYZ after 5 years”, you hav substantiate it with reasons and evidence.
Once you finish writing.. give it to your friends or family and ask them to correct it..
rewrite till your confident that it is good enough..after that your done..

so all the best




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