New Swift

1 03 2008

Maruthi Suzuki’s all new swift has arrived…. so whats new about it
what are the changes…lets take a look..

The new swift comes with new bumpers in the front and rear.
The front grill gets an ultra contemporary designer look and a new rear combination lamps
It also comes with new alloy wheels,finished with an all new wheel cap.
Now in the interiors,speedometer becomes even more stylish with all new chrome instrument cluster.
An all new fabric design has been given.It also features a new tilt steering and a new digital clock.
A new smooth,sleek integrated audio system with steering mounted controls has also been added
to the swift making it best in class.

India’s most loved car only becomes better … loaded with goodies..




One response

29 05 2008
sesha raghavan

hello mr.nicky,,, i dunno who u r but let me comment on ur blog for swift.. any car has a bumper,. head light, speedometer,tyre etc wats new in ur blog ..nothing spl.. u have not mentioned anything abt its technical features// jus copied it from maruthi website i suppose,, so mr.nicky try to post something innovative dude…

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