Rain Forest

16 03 2008

I’m not talking about the rainforests in the Amazon or the Indonesia… But the restaurant at Adyar, Chennai… Located near the traffic signal, it’s opposite to the road leading to Tiruvanmiyur…
The surprises start right from the time you enter the restaurant premises… it doe not have the entrance like all the other restaurants… It has this sliding door built into the wall like a wall (Its like one of these secret doors in all these old movies where the wall slides off and you see steps leading to the basement) … you wouldn’t notice it until you see the watchman in front of it…
Once the door slides off… you enter into a dark cave like place at the basement…
taada… that’s the restaurant… the lighting is perfect….the restaurant has I guess five booths with tables ( this give the people eating a sense of privacy) … the whole restaurant is like a cave in the middle of a forest… On one end of the restaurant there is a water fall and a small pond like thing below it…. With bamboo tree on the sides… the sound of rain and thunder is played in the background, so it’s like you are in the rain forest… perfect setting…
Now to the food… it’s simply delicious… the quality of food they serve is worth more than what you end up paying… The service is also excellent…
So if you are in Chennai… Don’t miss this place… Excellent place to dine out…




One response

6 06 2008

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