TOP Searches.

7 03 2008

Finding the top searched words or topics and then adding them to the meta tags of the pages is one of the ways to increase your site traffic… I’ve not done it… I’ve not done it… but I’ve heard people doing it … coming back to why I started this post… I was jus wondering what most people in the world are looking for… So I went through the following links to check out the most searched topics in each of these search engines…

Yahoo –

Google –

Lycos – –

Some of the most searched topics over the last month are Angelina Jolie, Mariah Carey, Obama, Paris Hilton, You tube, Britney Spears, Face Book, Eddie Murphy….

Once again its film industry that has beat all other fields… I guess gossip of their favourite stars gives these people entertainment… I really don’t understand why people admire reel heroes more than the real heroes in real life… But well that’s life… that’s reality… else it would be reel.


Luxuries become necessities

25 02 2008

Star Movies, ESPN, HBO……I don’t even remember when i last watched these pay channels…Its been a long while….With my college days over, I’m sitting at home, killing time and waiting for my date of joining… boredom was killing me… until i got the set top box… it got away with my boredom… 18 hrs a day i was in front of the idiot box … switching from one channel to the other…
I couldn’t imagine what people who sit at home all day would do without a TV… yeah I know there were times when there was no TV and crap… But it’s not the same… Once you enjoy something you’ll always want to have it… It’s like smoking… You get addicted… You will not be able to live without it… try it out… Try not using the mobile phone for a day… And you’ll understand…That’s how it is… technology invents something… at first it’s a luxury item…. Once people start using it … it becomes a necessity….and the companies laugh all the way to the bank… It’s all consumerism…. Ten years back a mobile phone or a car was a luxury… now it’s become a necessity… in a way I like it… because this necessity makes my dad buy me these goodies…. Hmmm… I’m still waiting for those days when the jet becomes a necessity  …. It’s not far away… with the vehicles on the road increasing everyday… that’ll be the only way to beat traffic.

JBL Chennai

29 01 2008

JBL speakers are one of the best speakers in the world… I wanted these speakers badly for my home theatre system from the first time i experienced its effect at sathyam cinemas.

If you want a HIGH QUALITY music from speakers then this is for you.The bass is unreal.You will feel every moment of the movies and cd’s/music. It would take you a higher level of cinema watching experince.Every small sound is reproduced perfectly…makes you listen in awe…Perfect for an audiophile enthusiast.The prices are on the higher end but worth every penny.

But where do you get it in chennai other than in the grey market ( I dont want to end up buying fake ones for this price).. now thats the info i’m looking for… so if anyone reading this knows about it.. please post the info.. thank you

JBL speakers


27 01 2008

You can english,tamil and hindi movie trailers in the following links…

you can also enjoy videos of the week… it’ll updated every week…

If u want kimi raikonnen pics then the following link will help you