Yahoo Glue glues you

22 04 2008


Yahoo! has unveiled Glue Pages Beta on Yahoo! India Search; a new style of search result, similar to Google’s Universal Search system. he new pages replace the usual text list with a broad and visual selection of news articles, videos, images, Wikipedia entries and more along with the standard search results.

Yahoo Glue only works for certain categories of searches (sports, travel, entertainment, health, stocks, and tech), but it does produce a more satisfying experience than the traditional list of blue links. The only issue is that the results take a little bit longer to load. But humans are visual creatures and we respond better to the visual display of information. Yahoo Glue brings in results in three different panes, both from Yahoo and elsewhere. They can be images, videos, Wikipedia entries, HowStuffWorks entries, sports stats, and news, and results from other sources.

Search for the “IPL” and you get pictures and videos related to IPL,news,blogs, and a link to the Wikipedia entry. Search for “sachin” and you get his biography, his player statistics, pictures, blog search results and results from Yahoo Answers. The traditional link results are still available in the narrow left-hand column, but you almost ignore them.

It is expected that Yahoo! will roll out this feature across their other sites soon